Redefining the commercial SEO strategy focusing on pet insurance

About Barkibu

Barkibu is a Spanish pet insurance and ehealth company. One of its main differentiators is its artificial intelligence platform for mobile diagnostics. Barkibu, based in A Coruña, also offers various full coverage plans through pet insurance and other prevention plans. Barkibu is currently in full international expansion after having closed a financing round of 4.7 million euros in 2021.


One of Barkibu's main SEO challenges was to redefine the architecture of its previous website to align it with Barkibu's new business opportunities: its pet insurance plans. In other words, the website had to be refocused towards conversion while maintaining the essence of the startup.

Another of Barkibu's problems was the enormous growth in search types that no longer corresponded to the Galician startup's new business direction. Thus, various subdirectories focused on veterinary consultations and Blog represented the main source of SEO traffic for the website.

Main Goals

  • Redefine Barkibu's commercial SEO strategy to adapt it to its new direction: pet insurance
  • Redesigning the Blog SEO structure and its migration within the new website.
  • Internationalisation of Barkibu focusing on growth in new markets such as Germany and France.

SEO approach & Steps taken

Competitors & Opportunities Analysis

A detailed competitor analysis was carried out in the main markets where Barkibu needed to increase its presence on Google: Spain, France, Germany and the UK. SEO tools were used to carry out an analysis of each competitor's brand awareness, as well as a detailed analysis of their transactional and informational SEO strategy.

New Insurance URLs

Based on the previous SEO analysis focused on conversion, the new Barkibu insurance URLs were designed. The process took into account key aspects such as the definition of SEO headings to work on SEO semantics, SEO metadata optimisation, internal linking best practices and the inclusion of reviews and FAQ content to generate rich snippets in SERPs and maximise organic CTR.

International SEO Strategy

With a view to the internationalisation of Barkibu, with the German market as the first major target, practices were applied to boost international SEO. We worked on hreflang tags, URL canonicalisation, translation and adaptation of texts to local search patterns and the creation of sitemaps for specific languages, among other actions.

Redefining Barkibu Blog

The previous Barkibu Blog accounted for a very large part of the site's overall SEO traffic. The problem lay in the proliferation of thousands of entries with no specific SEO value due to the practices of publishing User-generated content in this area of the website. While redefining the Blog's architecture and navigation using Topic Clusters, those posts that did not add value and did compromise the website's crawl budget were removed.

Use of old subdomains

Due to internal logic from previous years, a multitude of Barkibu subdomains were detected that were indexed in SERPs and that generated duplicate content or offered information that was not relevant to the new SEO direction of the Galician startup. We worked on de-indexing some of them and incorporating them into the new Barkibu structure through subfolders.

Web Core Vitals

Along with the fine-tuning of the new SEO URLs and technical changes to the site, improvements in Page Speed were also applied. LCP, CLS and FID metrics were optimised for both transactional URLs and URLs aimed at improving the informational SEO strategy.

  • Quique Torres

    SEO analysis of business opportunities extremely well designed

    "Sebas did a very efficient SEO job at a key moment when we had to change Barkibu's business direction. His insights on international business opportunities and the technical set-up of the new site have been of great help"
    Quique Torres
    Barkibu | VP of Data & DPO


+ 30%
sales increase through SEO channel


+ 20%
increase in SEO Conversion rate 


+ 65%
Performance in WCV Metrics


+ 350 Keywords
positioned in Google DE


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