On-Page SEO strategy focused on conversion

About Freshis

Freshis' commitment is to deliver produce from the garden to the home within 18 hours of it being harvested in the field. The startup was founded by Lluís Puig in early 2020, a few weeks before the global Covid-19 crisis. The company expects to exceed 1 million euros in turnover by 2023. As next challenges, the Freshis team is preparing for the international jump of the startup in several European markets.


Freshis' main SEO hurdle was to increase its organic visibility in an increasingly competitive business niche. On top of that, the abundance of large online retailers and supermarkets in Google SERPs was jeopardising the objective.

Having analysed the initial situation on Google and given the inability to rank ahead of giants with unlimited online budget resources, the challenge was to develop an SEO strategy that was faithful to Freshis' motto: fresh, top quality products, straight from the field to the table.

Main Goals

  • Design a transactional on-page SEO optimisation aligned with Freshis values.
  • Redesign SEO architecture to promote visibility in SERPs and improve User Experience
  • Work on Freshis' informational approach by producing blog content (SEO EEAT focus).

SEO approach & Steps taken

Initial SEO Audit

We worked on a 360º SEO Audit in order to identify technical errors with a direct impact on SEO, as well as new SEO technical improvement proposals focused on e-commerce websites.

Once the initial audit was completed, we worked on an SEO Roadmap detailing the actions to be taken according to business priority and SEO impact.

Keyword Research 

Keyword research was carried out in line with the nature of Freshis. Thus, special emphasis was placed on long-tail searches in Google SERPs ES that denoted a clear intention to buy fresh produce directly from the farmer, avoiding at all costs excessively generic keywords already monopolised by online supermarkets and other intermediaries.

SEO On page optimization

Thanks to the previous keyword analysis, the SEO Metadata of the transactional URLs of the main categories and product sheets was optimised. This action increased online visibility and led to an increase in qualified SEO traffic for generic keywords belonging to categories of fruit and vegetables marketed by Freshis.

Technical SEO

Technical actions were carried out to improve the performance of Freshis in search engines. In this way, the following lines were worked on: optimisation of the crawl budget, correct canonicalisation of URLs, blocking URLs with parameters, improvements focused on Web Core Vitals, inclusion of Schema.org markup...

Internal linking

Internal linking techniques were applied to improve the crawling depth of the e-commerce and avoid the proliferation of "orphan pages", typical of this type of site. Within the internal linking strategy, priority was given to internal linking actions with transactional anchors to category URLs and product URLs.

Link Building

In order to support the newly optimised transactional on-page SEO strategy, a series of external linking actions were programmed at the same time from media related to the fresh produce sector. Given the growing recognition of the brand, special focus was placed on generic anchors to work on the visibility of Freshis product categories.

  • Lluís Puig | Founder

    A radical turnaround in organic channel sales performance

    "Sebas invested a lot of time in understanding the typology and differentiation of the business. He developed a tailor-made approach that perfectly matched what potential users search for on Google when they think of fresh produce. We quickly evolved from poor positioning to being on the first pages"


+ 350
Keywords in Top 10

Following on-page SEO optimisation actions with a commercial focus, 350 new business keywords were positioned among the first 10 Google results. The objectives of increasing visibility in search engines for commercial queries were thus achieved.

+ 45%
Transactional SEO traffic

Thanks to the SEO optimisation actions in the main categories and subcategories of fruit and vegetables, it was possible to increase by 45% the SEO traffic derived from generic keywords with high transactional intent in Google SERPs.

+ 550%
increase in SEO traffic Blog

Following the creation of the SEO Editorial Plan focused on informational keywords within the fresh produce sector, the Freshis Blog experienced a 550% increase in SEO traffic in less than 6 months.

+ 40%
sales growth through SEO channel

The startup experienced a 40% increase in revenue growth through the SEO channel during the 12 months following the activation of SEO actions focused on maximising search engine visibility and online conversion.

Business case Freshis

Successful online sales through SEO channel after activation of on-page SEO actions focused on transactional long-tail keywords.