65% Traffic increase thanks to comprehensive Local SEO optimisation

About Aseguranza de Auto

Aseguranza de Auto is the leading insurer for the Hispanic public in California. The company was founded by its current CEO, Mario Luna, in 2018. They currently have more than 8 offices located in strategic points in California. In 2022 they closed the year with a turnover of more than 6 M USD, 30% more than the previous year. Their main services include car and motorbike insurance, home and business insurance, as well as life insurance.


The main objective was to design a strategy focused on improving SEO conversion and maximising online sales through the main products offered by the insurance company. The presence of large brokers and intermediaries on Google US made this objective very difficult.

One of the biggest challenges for Aseguranza de Auto was to increase its brand recognition in the California region and to strengthen its Local SEO strategy, which was practically non-existent at the beginning of the project.

Main Goals

  • Increase SEO conversion rate and maximise online sales through the organic channel.
  • Build the foundation for the insurer's Local SEO in the different areas of California
  • Increase brand recognition of a newly established insurance company in a highly competitive marketplace
  • Expand SEO visibility for generic keywords associated with destination patterns in California

SEO approach & Steps taken

Google My Business Optimisation - Local SEO

Actions were carried out to optimise the GMB profiles with a view to improving the local presence in search engines of the 8 Auto Insurance offices in California. The main actions carried out were: inclusion of the main insurances offered, updating of relevant information on the offices, inclusion of photographs and YouTube videos and updating of Blog news related to each local office.

Business landings creation

After an initial analysis of competitors and concrete scenarios in US SERPs, a local search intent was detected that coincided with some of the insurer's main products. Following strict business guidelines, we worked on the fine-tuning and optimisation of the insurance landings focused on capturing qualified SEO traffic with high transactional intent.

Powering Rich Snippets

Two differentiated SEO lines were implemented with the aim of increasing the CTR of the website in Google results. The first consisted of the inclusion of Schema.org markup focused on generating rich results in business URLs, while the second prioritised those Schema elements that would generate rich results in Blog URLs.

SEO Inbound Blog

A complete redesign of the company's previous Blog was carried out. At this point, we worked following the methodology of Pillar pages & Topic Clusters. The result was the migration to a new Blog with 8 main categories that coincided with topics of common interest to potential car insurance buyers in California.

SEO for YouTube

SEO optimisation actions for videos were particularly relevant to the project. In line with the Topic Clusters related to doubts and questions prior to the formalisation of a car insurance policy, a series of videos were published on the official YouTube channel designed to resolve these questions quickly, directly and easily.

Page Speed improvements

Actions were carried out to optimise the loading speed of the website in WordPress until optimal results were achieved in the different metrics of Web Core Vitals

  • Mario Luna

    Insurance recruitment success thanks to Local SEO improvements

    "After his first SEO analysis, Sebas showed us the need to direct the SEO strategy towards Local SEO logics. Thanks to his fine-tuning, we have obtained incredible results in online recruitment in our main insurance and other additional services"
    Mario Luna
    Aseguranza de Auto | CEO


+ 65%
SEO Traffic

Thanks to the improvement in SEO visibility for local pattern car insurance business landings, we managed to increase the website traffic by 65% during the first 8 months.

+ 250%
SEO Traffic - GMB

The actions of fine tuning and optimisation of the 8 local offices in GMB resulted in a 250% increase in traffic to the website from the same cards. In addition, there was a 90% increase in direct calls to the different offices.

+ 650 kws
positioned in Top 3 in US SERPs

At the beginning of the project, the website had only 80 kws ranking in Top 3. Today, the website is ranking in the top positions for more than 800 new business keywords.

+ 55%
growth in Rich snippets in Google SERPs US

The implementation of various Schema.org markup items in insurance business URLs generated rich snippets in 55% of Auto Insurance business URLs.

Business case Aseguranza de Auto

How a conversion-focused local SEO strategy increased insurance take-up.