Sales success after SEO fine-tuning focused on e-commerce

About Autopartes Market

Autopartes Market is a vehicle spare parts e-commerce founded in 2020. It is part of the García-Tuñón Business Group, which has more than 60 years of experience in the automotive industry in Venezuela. The intention to launch the e-commerce responded to a need for modernisation within the group, which was more focused on traditional sales through other verticals such as repair shops and vehicle dealerships in Venezuela.

Business challenge

The main challenge of the new e-commerce resided in the need to quickly and continuously generate an online SEO sales target without previous experience in online procurement channels. There was also the difficulty of the Venezuelan market, where the presence of smaller players is not common and where a large part of the online purchase of car parts is focused on international giants (e.g. Mercadolibre).

On the technical side, the main challenges stemmed from the need to fine-tune SEO for a newly created e-commerce site. If traffic and sales targets were to be met, it was necessary to deploy SEO best practices for online sales in a market where online sales through search engines are not as mature as in Europe or the United States.

Main Goals

  • Application of SEO Best Practices for a newly created e-commerce, with no sales history.
  • Increase organic visibility for keywords corresponding to main sales categories.
  • Strengthen the brand image of an online shop without previous registrations by branded traffic.
  • Position Chevrolet conversion URLs in the top results of Google VE

SEO approach & Steps taken

SEO Architecture Design

As a starting point, we worked on the basis for the SEO structure of the e-commerce menus and submenus. Based on a stock of more than 3,000 available products, the SEO architecture of the menus was designed by aligning search intent in Google with product categories within the online shop. Thus, an optimised structure was generated respecting Categories > Subcategories > Product URLs.

Keyword Research - Local patterns

In order to provide optimised SEO semantics to the new SEO structure recently built, an exhaustive keyword study was carried out, coinciding with the main categories and sub-categories of spare parts in Autoparts Market. The search behaviour in Google VE was analysed in detail, paying attention to localisms and particular expressions that could be included in the future SEO Metadata.

On page Optimization

Following the transactional search intent insights in Google VE, on-page SEO optimisation of the newly generated transactional URL structure was carried out. Special attention was paid to ensure SEO semantics in categories and sub-categories, as well as to avoid SEO cannibalisation errors between them.

Technical SEO Shield

The effort in optimising the SEO content of the e-commerce had to be consolidated with error-free technical SEO tuning. Thus, actions were implemented to ensure the correct crawling and indexing of the most important transactional URLs for online sales. Sitemaps, robot.txt, URL canonicalisation, noindex directives and web speed improvements were implemented, among other actions.

Internal linking

The optimisation of the internal linking of the new e-commerce was one of the key points in the adoption of SEO best practices. We worked from both main menus and sub-menus, following a pyramidal internal linking logic, respecting the hierarchy between main keywords and long-tail keywords. In addition, this vertical was reinforced by including internal linking through Breadcrumbs. After the launch of the site, we worked on manual linking between categories and from the Blog.

Rich snippets for e-commerce

In order to strengthen the CTR in Google SERPs VE, we also worked on a rich snippet structure for e-commerce. elements such as Organisation, Breadcrumbs, product snippets, Schema FAQ... were implemented.

  • Jorge García Tuñón | CEO

    Incredible results in online sales. All expectations exceeded

    "We turned to Sebas in an area of business that represented a challenge for us due to our lack of experience in online acquisition channels. After almost 2.5 years working together, we have complete confidence in his guidelines in terms of online strategy"


+ 980
Business keywords in Top 10

On-Page SEO optimisation actions on categories, sub-categories and product sheets resulted in +980 new keywords ranking in Google VE results.

sales through SEO channel

Thanks to the efforts in the technical and content optimisation of the site, today the organic channel supports 45% of Autopartes Market's e-commerce turnover, representing the most profitable acquisition channel.

1º Pos 
for keyword "Repuestos" in VE

For years, Mercadolibre held the first position in Google SERPs for this essential business keyword and with a Search Volume of 5,000. Being able to unseat this giant undoubtedly defines perfectly the success of the SEO strategy.

+ 740%
increase in online sales through SEO channel

Since the launch of e-commerce in March 2021, Autopartes Market has managed to increase its sales through the organic channel by 740%, reducing part of the share of spare parts sales to giants such as

Business case Autopartes Market

How fine-tuning SEO best practices in a start-up e-commerce business can generate an immediate increase in online sales.