B2B SEO strategy aimed at getting qualified Leads

About Framasa

Framasa was founded in Valencia in 1989 as a family business dedicated to the installation, maintenance and repair of automatic pedestrian access doors. Its main customers are hotels, airports, shopping centres, hospitals, shops and offices. Framasa is the official distributor in Spain of the prestigious Swiss brand Gilgen Doors.


The main stumbling block for Framasa lay in the SEO optimisation of a website with more than 10 years of history but which had never worked on SEO positioning. The client was given to understand the need to include modifications to the structure and content of the website if they wanted to consolidate organic traffic.

After an initial business analysis, another challenge that was quickly detected was the low volume of searches for a company whose main revenue depended on B2B search logic. This fact was communicated to the client and an SEO & SEM plan was developed, focused on capturing organic leads according to Framasa's main services.

Main Goals

  • Designing and executing a B2B SEO strategy in a sector where closing each lead is an extremely difficult task.
  • Generate and enrich the SEO content of Framasa's main commercial verticals.
  • Increase SEO visibility in long-tail searches coinciding with the product offered.
  • Complete optimisation of the GMB profile to increase local SEO visibility in automatic door installation.

SEO approach & Steps Taken

Search Intent B2B Analysis

The Google Search Intent analysis for the Automatic Doors sector yielded less than optimistic results for Framasa. Most of these searches were aimed at individuals looking for solutions for their homes. Thus, we opted for long-tail keywords with a clear B2B intention, with discreet search volumes, and even on some occasions for Zero Search Volume Keywords.

Local Business URLs

Using the B2B intentionality analysis in Google, we opted for local search using semantic logics that combined the company's services in specific locations where Framasa offered installation and maintenance services for automatic doors.

Business URLs per Sector

With the focus on capturing qualified organic leads derived from B2B searches, a set of business landings were implemented at the same time, whose semantics combined door typology with specific installation sectors. These landings were in turn used to maximise the conversion rate in Google Ads campaigns.

SEO Content Optimization

Along with the publication of the new business landings structure, SEO metadata logics were built at the same time to precisely align with the B2B search targets. In this sense, primary and secondary keyword groups were distinguished and the structure of Titles and Targets was put together using long-tail logics with a commercial focus.

Link Building actions

In order to strengthen Framasa's domain and increase visibility in key keywords for the business, a link-building plan was developed from specialised media in order to work on transactional anchors aligned with the company's commercial strategy.

 GMB Optimization

A complete revision and optimisation of Framasa's GMB profile was programmed in order to improve its online reputation on Google and increase impressions from local searches on mobile devices. We added information of interest about the company, photographs and videos of the facilities, links to the product sheets and specific information about the types of doors and sectors used.

  • Francisco Quiles

     Substantial improvement in qualified leads from the organic channel

    "A few months after we started working on SEO, we saw an increase in qualified leads in several areas of our business. The combination of SEO & SEM campaigns has been very effective for a sector in which it is very difficult to close a sale".
    Francisco Quiles
    Framasa | CEO


+ 140 kws
positioned in main Sectors

The publication of the new business URLs by application sectors allowed the Valencian company to position up to 140 new keywords with commercial intent in Google results.

+ 25%
SEO clicks by local URLs

The generation of SEO business URLs by product typology plus local criteria generated a 25% increase in SEO traffic during the first 6 months of launching the new URLs.

+ 55%
increase in calls from GMB

The review and optimisation of Framasa's official GMB file generated a 55% increase in calls interested in automatic door installation services.

+ 35%
qualified leads through SEO channel

A 35% increase in form submissions through the new SEO business URLs was observed.

Business case Framasa

Increase of qualified organic leads thanks to an SEO strategy focused on B2B business logics